Feathers & Tickling

...make me squirm

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Here, have another preview to show that I actually have been working on something over the past couple weeks :’D

You may remember the sketch I showed before of my tickling Deity character, Kenisime. So here we go; I’m finally getting around to coloring it.

I’ve been thinking lately that he actually could be a Fae of some sort, what with his magic, telepathy, dark eyes and pointed ears (which are covered by his fluffy hair), loving-but-mischievous attitude, the fact that he views people as adorable little pets to be coddled and played with, and no interest whatsoever in wearing clothes. :D

He is able to take on two distinct appearances: His natural form with aquamarine skin and dark, but shiny eyes; or a more Elven-like appearance with fair skin and hair, and shimmering aquamarine eyes.

And fun fact: He also has a female form which can also change her skintone/eye color. Same name (though you can call her Kenni or Kay or Kaya or whatever you prefer.) This way she can appeal to more than one demographic… but since I prefer men I’ll be referring to his male form. :P

I’ll go into more detail about him, but basically it’s the same idea: He’s a passionate entity that loves gentle, sensual tickling and can bring people into a dreamlike dimension just so he can tickle them even longer.

And as it stands for pretty much all of my characters, he is also very ticklish himself and doesn’t at all mind his type of affection being given back to him in full~

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